SOQU Cosmetics, which is gaining popularity as a K-beauty cosmetics brand in the US retail store TJMaxx, announced that its sales of skin care items, starting with four serums, are rapidly rising.

As for skin care items, there are 4 series of rose, vitamin C, and water melon along with collagen retinol, which has recently been launched and supplied, and each consists of 4 to 5 product groups such as cream, serum, toner, mist, and cleansing.

The SOQU brand is a cosmetic brand manufactured in Korea and supplied to retail stores around the world. It is a brand that the manufacturer directly supplies through orders from retail stores such as North America, Europe, and Australia.

Recently, SOQU, which is strengthening D2C online partnerships in each country to expand online brand marketing, is producing and distributing contents with influencers and prosumers in North America and Southeast Asia through brand shop marketing commerce solutions.

During the marketing process, one of the influencers active in North America visited the SOQU corner of the TJ.Maxx store and directly purchased and advertised vitamin C serum, further improving the local retail store sales and brand recognition.

Jiwon Bio (CEO Woo-shik Kim), which supplies the SOQU brand to the world, revealed its ambition to develop the online brand marketing solution linked with the retail store promotion that it has built so far into an expandable marketplace beyond brand commerce.